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Capturing Motherhood

Mar 11, 2021

In this episode I am joined by Sarah Kate, a fellow UK-based motherhood photographer. She is here to discuss going through a major rebrand of her business and creating meaning in branding.

Sarah has recently renamed her business from Wiggly Piglet Photography to Sarah Kate London. The meaning of things is very important to Sarah, and the name Wiggly Piglet came from the nickname for her Godson. At that time, her focus for photography was specifically on newborns and the name just clicked.

A few years ago, Sarah began to become aware that her work was beginning to take a different direction than she expected. When she got her first studio in 2019, the blank canvas of a new space helped her creativity bloom and shift. This was where the seed for re-branding her business was planted. Just like Sarah, I also felt this shift as my career and business have grown. Getting your face out there is how you build client relationships and build trust.

The name change came about when, after a brainstorming session, Sarah realized that it just had to be her. Both her maiden and married names seemed too bunt and informal, but using her first and middle names, Sarah Kate, was so much softer and warmer to her. It felt right. Her work was growing up and her focus was moving towards a more sensual feel. Wiggly Piglet just didn’t work anymore.

When you are building your business and your brand, it’s important to understand and align with your values. It’s also vital to know your why. What is your purpose?


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