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Capturing Motherhood

May 13, 2021

In this episode I am talking with Iona Hickman, a designer, illustrator and owner of Eyeowna Designs greetings cards. Iona joins me today to discuss #motherhooditsanotherhood, speaking honestly about the reality of having children, and the impact of that truth.

Iona has been a designer for the last 14 years and still has a day job that she balances around her business. Iona began #motherhooditsanotherhood when her daughter was a few months old. She was struggling with how hard motherhood was, especially when all she was hearing from other new mothers was how easy it is. Iona began sharing her struggles to show other mothers that it isn’t all in their heads. Now pregnant with her second child, Iona is pushing to present that truth even harder.

For Iona, it’s about sharing what you are comfortable with. If you aren’t comfortable sharing photos of raw moments, be honest in the description. Put yourself out there and share to support others. When you don’t talk about the difficulties you’re experiencing, it can be isolating and intensify the feeling that you are doing something wrong.

When you are new to motherhood, you want guidance and support, but with so many resources out there contradicting each other, it can be hard to know what to do. Iona wants more mums to know that they can trust their instincts.

If your journey to have your child has been difficult, don’t feel guilty about struggling once they come. You are allowed to have more than one emotion at a time, and motherhood is difficult. Feel everything that you are feeling.


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