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Capturing Motherhood

Jun 10, 2021

In this episode I am chatting to Linzie Russo, a Scottish photographer now based in Australia. She joins me today to discuss her recent shadow ban on Instagram and the importance of sharing images that can educate and reassure other women about their bodies.

Linzie has now been in Australia for twelve years and a full-time photographer for nine. Recently, Linzie went through being shadow banned on Instagram for posting images that featured bare female nipples. Her images were taken down despite adhering to Instagram guidelines. She only found out about the ban when someone mentioned that they could no longer find her account.

Now, this account restriction is affecting her business inquiries. New clients haven’t been able to find her, and even before she knew she was shadow banned, Linzie had noticed the drop off. To combat this, she has now made a second account to try and connect with her audience and perspective clients.

With the baffling restrictions on Instagram surrounding female bodies, young girls and new mums are being dissuaded from the truth of the human form. If everything is airbrushed, filtered, and perfect, what kind of impact does that have on women looking at their own, natural body? It also brings up the societal taboo of breast feeding. Many new mums have never even seen anyone breast feed before. How can new mums feel comfortable feeding their children when every aspect of society is telling them it’s wrong and needs to be hidden?

Normalizing post-partum bodies is also part of Linzie’s work. The changes women go through after giving birth and the trauma they can experience are so often hidden and it’s time to show the world what they look like, end the stigma, and help women to heal.


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